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Has hail damaged your home's roof, gutters, siding or windows?

roller shutter hail damageHail has the potential to cause substantial damage to your house. To the untrained eye hail damage is not always easy to identify.  Have the StormeX Restoration team evaluate your property to determine if you have an insurance claim before the allotted time runs out.  Even those small pockmarks can cause gaps that allow the water to come in. If your trees are damaged - your roof could very well be damaged, too. It is important to catch hail damage early because damaged roofing and siding can lead to large unnecessary repair costs.

Don't let those dents cause roof and siding leakage damage to your property.

  • Structure Damage 
  • Leaky Roof Damage
  • Dented Metals allows water to cause further damage

Regardless if the damage appears large or small, you will want to promptly report  the hail damage to your insurance company, and have us come out to complete a home damage inspection.

If a recent hail storm caused damage to your business or home's shingles, siding, fascia, fencing or other exterior areas - call StormeX immediately! 

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Insurance Claims

StormeX is a reputable storm damage repair contractor. We settle the claim with your insurance company.

Roof Damage Repair

Seeking emergency roof damage boarding and shingle repairs for your roof leak? If you suspect roof damage, call StormeX!

Roof Replacement

The storm has subsided, and your roof clearly did not survive. It's time to contact a trusted local Cincinnati construction company.

Water Damage

Trusted to dry your home's wallboard, ceiling tiles, insulation, masonry, paneling, wood and metal studs, and plaster walls.